Our Team

Our Merchandising team consists of a great mix of highly experienced professionals and young motivated individuals from the best Management and Textile Universities of Pakistan. These committed and technically educated people make sure that the merchandising process goes about in a smooth manner.

Pre-Production Work

Good Pre-Production work requires close follow-Up of all milestones and approvals. These are activities that begin after issuance of Purchase Order. It leads to a green light for production activities to commence on the designated & scheduled dates.

Production Follow Up

Production is a process by which resources are allocated according to a schedule, and we ensure that this schedule and all timelines are followed. In case of disruptions, new plans are swiftly drawn up ensuring that ultimate targets are met in time.

Product Development

Our team is responsible for managing the development of all new styles within the total line for a specific brand. They take trend spotting to the next level. Turn trends into profitable products that meet the needs of the target customer. Responsible for Product Development from conceptual design and budgeting to order production.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) is a system of checks designed to ensure that products are free of faults. A quality assurance system involves regular quality control inspections that test and monitor the quality, accuracy and fitness for purpose of the product, from the design stage through to manufacturing.

Critical control points

Quality control checks take place at critical control points (CCPs) in a product’s manufacture. It is made sure to check and assure quality on each of below stages.

  • Raw materials inspections

  • Prototype evaluations

  • Pre-production inspections

  • Production inline inspections

  • Final quality audits

Customer Updates

Our team makes sure that the customers are fully aware of their order status at all times. After giving the customers an expected delivery date, our Merchandising team makes sure that customers are kept aware of order status at all times via online sheets.


We have a trained compliance team who perform audits and make sure that customer compliance requirements are met by our suppliers. Apart from that, we ensure our network factories strictly conform to best international practices and labor laws.