We are deploying the latest Industry 4.0 processes throughout our production process for better efficiency, visibility and transparency. This not only reduces lead times for customers but also gives us confidence in providing the best service and adapt quickly to provide you with most cutting edge products fast.


We have an advanced and comprehensive infrastructure with an average production capacity of 4000 garments per day. We are capable of doing any kind of woven products like Denim, Swimwear, Quilted Jackets & Special Uniform.


With machines like the Yilmak running in our washing facilities, we ensure lower impacts, providing quality denim while reducing our carbon footprint, water usage, and waste. We are constantly striving to create a better, more sustainable ecosystem for fashion, and we constantly evolve and iterate our processes to achieve that goal.

packing area

Stringent Inspections & quality control mechanism is followed ensuring quality. Our unmatched commitment and dedication allows us to delivery best quality finished garments to consumer.