Your Sourcing Partner


Softwood is a growing sourcing company dealing in Fabrics, Home Textile products, Woven and Knitted Garments. We believe in uplifting our standards and maintaining an ethical utopia which can help us grow alongside our customers. Our partnership with various suppliers in Pakistan helps us to fully cater the customer needs


We are based in Lahore with offices in Bangladesh, France, Germany, China and Brazil. Thus, we have reduced distance between us and our customers . Our global presence helps diversify our product range and identify opportunity areas. We are confident and committed to innovate and move forward, ensuring a better textile future for the community.


Our mission is to provide the best quality and the best selection of name brand products at wholesale level with outstanding service and value, provided to our customers. We strive to accomplish this mission by putting our customers first, keeping our operating costs low, and maintaining very competitive prices in the industry.

Our workers, Our Assets